Aims and Scope

Liaquat National Journal of Cancer Care (LNJCC) is a biannual (June & December), peer reviewed open access publication integrating scientific information regarding all oncological specialties from Pakistan and worldwide. The journal aims to broaden the knowledge and experience regarding cancer etiology, epidemiology, diagnosis and novel management strategies. Cancer treatment and management requires a multi-disciplinary approach including physicians, nursing and therapeutic services. Liaquat National Hospital has been playing a thriving role in battle against cancer. Liaquat National Journal of Cancer Care will help to highlight the important aspects in this regard. The fundamental objective of this attempt is to provide a forum for all these concerned services to share clinically applicable information regarding cancer treatment. This is an initiating effort in the long mission of bringing Pakistan at par with the rest of the world where oncological management is concerned. The journal publishes significant original articles regarding various domains of cancer. We encourage and welcome authors to share recent relevant advances that can pave the way to optimizing oncological care and explore the innovation in cancer treatment. Manuscripts submitted to the journal undergo rigorous peer-review process and are evaluated.

Liaquat National Journal of Cancer Care is a biannual (June & December) journal and welcomes peer-reviewed original and review articles, and case reports which may cover a wide range of aspects in oncology and surgical, gynecological, urological, neurosurgical, and pediatric oncology, medical hematology, radiation oncology, diagnostics, dermatological oncology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, pathology, oncological rehabilitation and clinical-translational oncology. The journal considers original articles, case reports, case series, images, quiz and letters to the editor as per the guidelines mentioned.

Open Access

Nowadays, it is well known that making research results more accessible contributes to better and more efficient science, and to innovation in the public and private sectors. The core idea of open access is the foundation of its main advantage-anyone who wants to read them can get these articles for free.

For authors, publishing open access can help open their research to a wider audience and make articles more discoverable online. And ultimately, an increased number of readers can convert into an increased number of citations for the author.