Message from Medical Director

Authors: Prof. Dr. Salman Faridi
Year: 2023
Volume: 1

The first edition of the Journal of Liaquat National Hospital, JLNH, represents another milestone in our institution’s journey. Along with providing high quality clinical care to patients, we have always had a special focus on academics. This journal provides a portal through which healthcare personnel, both from our institution as well as others, can share their experience for all to learn and benefit from.

Pakistan has a burgeoning population of over 225 million people. Large numbers of Journal of Liaquat National Hospital 2023; 1(1): 1 1 patients, with an extensive range of pathology, throng to our healthcare setups across the country. Unfortunately, because of a weak infrastructure, not much of the patient data presented to us is documented in any meaningful or organized fashion. Very few databases exist in Pakistan that can provide any purposeful material for relevant clinical responses to diseases that our people experience. Credible, local literature on healthcare is also in short supply, with only a small number of quality indigenous journals or books. We still turn to developed countries for clinical solutions even though their experience and exposure is but a small fraction of the large volumes and variety of health morbidity that we deal with. I hope that this journal will provide a forum for learning and discussion that will help us to analyze our personal and shared experiences so as to evolve better strategies for patient care. I wish that it will help to promote the habit of good documentation and critical evaluation of the information that we gather. I am also hopeful that it will help in developing disease management protocols that are based on data gathered from our own patients, rather than on imported figures.

I am grateful to Professor Zia and the editorial board of the journal for their hard work and to all the contributors for submitting articles of quality and interest. I am also thankful to all those who worked tacitly behind the scenes to make this publication possible. I wish the journal every success in the future, and hope that it will find a regular place on many doctor’s reading list.