Aims and Scope

National Radiology Journal of Pakistan (NRJP) aims to serve as a premier platform for the dissemination of high-quality research and advancements in the field of radiology within Pakistan publishing issues biannually (June & December). It strives to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among radiologist, researchers and healthcare professionals, contributing to the enhancement of diagnostic and therapeutic practices in the field of radiology. NRJP aims to publish clinical radiology, imaging technology, radiation safety and protection, interventional radiology, radiation oncology, Nuclear medicine, radiology education and training; and healthcare policies and management related to radiology services. The National Radiology Journal of Pakistan seeks to contribute significantly to the academic and clinical aspects of radiology in Pakistan by promoting evidence-based practices and fostering a collaborative environment for scientific inquiry and knowledge.

The NRJP accepts following types of articles:

  • Original Articles
  • Review Articles (Narrative Reviews, Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis)
  • Case Reports/Case Series
  • Short Communication
  • Commentary
  • Editorial
  • Letter to the editor
  • Interesting Images with Short Description
  • Pictorial Review

Open Access

National Radiology Journal of Pakistan (NRJP) is published by Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College. It is a peer-reviewed, open access, radiology journal which serves as means for scientific information exchange in the national and international radiology and radiation oncology forums publishing issues biannually (June & December). In the present era, there is widely recognized understanding that enhancing the accessibility of research outcomes plays a crucial role in advancing both quality and efficiency of scientific endeavors, fostering innovation in both public and private sectors. The core idea of open access is the foundation of its main advantage-anyone who wants to read them can get these articles for free.

For authors, publishing open access can help open their research to a wider audience and make articles more discoverable online. And ultimately, an increased number of readers can convert into an increased number of citations for the author.